Yup! Spring time in South Korea is a sign that festivals are coming! Last weekend a few of us went to Gwangali beach for the Fishermans festival. Busan is a town that started on the coast. Fishing is and was the lively hood of the town. Now that Busan is the second largest city in South Korea it is more of a port town, but still it celebrates it’s heritage and start. We arrived later in the day about 3ish. Most of the morning events were over and that was fine. We still watched live fish catching with hands (Don’t worry they were safe and gentle). We also watched the huge parade. That took an hour to watch, but well worth it to see all the costumes! We got some amazing chicken tenders and fries at HQ a nice expat bar and good place for American food. Finished the day off by watching some dance groups! They separated the groups by country/culture. So we saw American (Owl City when can we do this again), Indian, Peurto Rican, Island Nation (Wasn’t Hawaii but was similiar). We also saw a kids group to a korean song (SO CUTE), and then a traditional fan dance. We also watched a Taekwondo group do a ‘dance’ to their forms and that was neat.


There was kite flying, trying on traditional clothes and officer uniforms, food, drinks, and fun. There were shows for long net uses and and one on torch fishing. Being on the beach, theres always sand and dipping your feet and having fun. Over all a really good way to spend a number of hours on a Saturday.

Hey everyone! Sorry it’s been awhile since my last post. As the title is alluding to, I’ve been really sick. I’ve been to the doctor multiple times…I have to say the medical situation here is pretty fantastic. To see the doctor, get an antibiotic shot and get medications it usually takes about 30 minutes from entry to the office to leaving pharmacy. Oh, and it’s less than $10! Needless to say I’m much more comfortable about going to the doctor here in Korea. Anyway, apparently I caught one of the worst colds I’ve ever had. Been coughing stuff out, fatigue, massive throat pain, congestion, the works. Even got a nosebleed from the congestion yesterday. Anyway, it’s finally starting to lighten up and I feel more and more like myself each day.

That said, I’ve had friends still drag me out of my apartment while I’m not 100% because it’s Korea! I’m apparently not allowed to stay in my apartment all day and rest. So I’ll give you a bit of a run down on what I’ve done recently since I’ve been feeling good enough to go.


Busan Light festival. I went to Samwang Temple in Busan to see the lanterns. Wow guys. I only went for about 2 hours but it was beautiful.

We walked all around the temple and it was just beautiful. We took the bus back down and after a mistake of taking the wrong bus, got back near the subway. We ended up seeing the parade we thought we missed while on the bus! Talk about comfort lol. Anyway, it was a beautiful sight.


I went to the BISFF and managed to catch one of the screenings on a different day. Busan holds the international Film Festival as well as the Short Film Festival. held in Centum City (near Shinsegae, remember the spa?) it hosts a huge outdoors screen as well as plenty indoor ones. We ended up seeing the ‘Darker themes’ one expecting horror and getting…well not horror. It was interesting and again, a nice few hours. We did a small walk outside and got some killer dumplings as well.


Finally I spent a day in Daegu on one of my better days. Taking the train to Daegu is super easy and comfortable (But I did have flashes to Train to Busan, let me tell you! I made sure where the locks on the train doors were 😉 ). Once we got to Daegu we walked a little bit. Checked out Second Hand clothes and hand made shoes allies. We also went into the Modern History museum of Daegu. That was pretty neat but I’m a history nerd so I guess I was the only one that enjoyed it (Hey it was also air conditioned and free, what’s not to like?)

We went to Hillcrest following that and did the King Kong zipline courses. It hosts like 5 or 6 ziplines and a bunch of obstacles . Those that know me know I live for this, so it was no problem for me being 40+meters in the trees. My friends, not so much. I felt bad that they were frightened, but they got to see the shoe on the other foot when it came to the final challenge….jumping off a perfectly fine platform with just a rope to keep your fall straight. I hate free falls with a passion and the worker ended up pushing me off.

Anyway we left from there and went back to Daegu where we got some amazing Lamb for dinner and followed it with stuffed waffles for dessert. I also managed to find a Busan Giants Jersey that fits for $5! Score! Anyway, we took the train home (I napped) and crashed after that. Thanks to a bit of sunburn my cold resurged but I am doing much better today and hope to continue to do so. I still have some plans for the rest of the week and hope to update them.