Busan International Market


Alright, so inbetween working on my backlog of posts, Ill still try to post new stuff here as well. Starting with….

The international market! Unfortunately the batteries in my camera died, and I was unable to take any amount of decent photos. Sad, I know. So let’s start off. First off, You have to find an atm in Korea that takes foreign cards. Everywhere else you travel it’s no big deal, but here in Korea it is a tad bit more difficult. Once you find one (such as large Gs25s, 711s, or large international banks) you can withdraw. That took us about….30 minutes today? We tried to take the bus and got on the wrong one. Thankfully it was still close to home and we fixed it.


Anyway, after that we got onto the subway! Now I haven’t really ridden anything like a subway except for when I traveled to England when I was in high school. That’s right, more than 10 years ago! I was nervous, but between myself and my friend, we made it alright. The subway was packed! I added a quick pick to show, and forgive my sick and covered face. I am getting over a cold I caught from my coteacher. Wearing a mask if you are sick or wanting to keep from being sick is a large thing here in Korea (and Asia in general) so just get your Korean face on and do it.


We got to the first part of the market at about 230, half hour after it started. We met up with another friend. We got drinks at the bar, and ordered food (Nacho’s and a Pastrami sandwich w/ fries). So good! And it felt like junk food from home. I ended up seeing a bunch more people from orientation and it was great to see them. I’m believing more and more that I really got the holy grail of schools and situations here.


Anyway. After good food I bought some brownies to go. We checked out all the various stalls and vendors, but I didn’t find anything that I found worthwhile. Maybe next time? Id like a package of brawts or pickles. (things that are difficult to find here).


Anyway, we got back home after an even FULLER subway car, and I’ve been crashed in bed taking it easy. Let me tell you, Minnesota may be the land of 10,000 lakes but South Korea is the land of 10,000 stairs!

You think I’m joking? I’ve lost over 20lbs since I’ve been gone the last month. Crazy right? And I eat a lot more food here! I think between stairs and Kimchi it’s working for me!