CELTA- The Lack of Sleep is worth it!

Okay let’s talk about CELTA. Certificate in English Language Teaching Adults. I’m going to assume most of you know that CELTA is a form of TEFL/TESOL certification. Its a very intensive program, at least if you do the 4 week course.

I did this =b. Anyway, I applied to Phoenix to take my Celta, and it was cancelled! yay. So I got it transferred to take it in Playa del Carmen Mexico, about an hour south of Cancun. Holy crap was that the best thing for getting my CELTA.

“Now Sike, being on the beach surely you got tons of time to swim and drink!” No

“But you had to have gotten tan at least?” No

“but it was-” No.

Not to say I didn’t have fun or do things. But when you do CELTA your life is celta.

Early example of work needed

I got up at 6am every day. I stayed at the near by housing from International House. Very nice. A mix of hostel and hotel. I would walk to class, 10 minutes away. I would spend till 9am working on printing things (ALWAYS BRING YOUR OWN LAPTOP TO CELTA. There was only 3 computers. Usually only 1-2 worked. And 2 printers)  We would also go over our teaching plans with our instructors. After that, We had our teaching classes till noon. We taught the students. 2-3 teachers would teach a day. We had an hour lunch (IH also had an on site cook who made awesome food for very little). The afternoon was lectures till 5 or 6. I honestly don’t remember. We would also have our feedback sessions during this time.

After 6 we would have time to work on our 4 assignments and our teaching plans. I would eat dinner, sure, but usually worked on lesson plans till11pm/Midnight. The stress was intense alright.

In CELTA you can get 4 grades. Fail, Pass, Pass B, Pass A. At playa forget getting a Pass A. I think 2 people ever have gotten one, its extremely rare in general for CELTA to give one. Do not ever expect to get one, but always aim for one.

Pass B- You did better on more lessons that what was just required.
Pass – You may have had a few B’s, but you are at least a good teacher and will do well.
Fail- You dun fucked up. I word it this way because CELTA is expensive ($1,000-$3,500). To fail and not be allowed to retake and waste your money.

Yours truly scored a Pass. Now, thats not saying your average. Just getting a Pass is hardwork. Lots of people go “oh they want money so they pass anyone” No. No they dont. Theres applications, interviews, all kinds of stuff. Its hard work just to get in. Its worse doing it.

And the kicker? My group of teachers was the closest group they’ve ever seen come through. We busted butt and helped each other.

I couldn’t have gotten through it without those amazing people. And the teachers noticed, complimenting that while exhausted, at least our group never fell asleep during lectures during week 3! Quite the achievement.

The lecturers also really stepped up. Most CELTAs will assign your assignments in 1,2,3,4 order. Ours was assigned in 4, 2, 1, 3 order. And it helped a lot. What we were working on matched the assignments this way. They broke stuff down to work on a little at a time and it was really a huge help.

Fridays we all had dinner together, and Saturdays or Sundays people might take a day for themselves. (fitting in work as well)

For those of you considering CELTA for your future teaching, do it! It’s an incredible experience and I loved it. I highly recommend going to Playa del Carmen. And I highly recommend getting to know the students you are in class with. It’ll be some of the toughest 4 weeks of your life, but also memorable and amazing. Don’t miss out.  oh! And if you do go, check out the chicken places. Amazing good food!

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