Saying goodbye to someone in EPIK

Unfortunately this weekend a friend I had made during orientation, an apartment mate in my building, is having to leave. I don’t know if it will be for good, or just temporary. But it brought a lot to me. After all, we spent over 6 months collecting documents, buying tickets, waiting…oh god the waiting. So much money…and we made it.

We got through the 15 hours of preorientation

We got through the 10 day orientation

We made it to Korea…over came the hurdles of living somewhere new. We’re comfortable shopping. We can go to restaurants and fake it enough to order. We can ride the subway and feel GOOD about it.

And now for her it might be over.

Her mother god sick. A rare condition has put her in critical condition, seeing a specialist for treatment. Her mother didn’t want her to know about it. Probably doesn’t want her to go home. And she is. Everything she planned for this year maybe gone.


And honestly…it could be any of us. Discussions with my own family made it very clear that in the event something happens they do not want me coming home. In the words of my mother “you coming home would likely be what killed me. I would be so sick if you gave up everything to come here. You stay there. You do what you need to “. And I don’t know if the situation had been mine if I could. I needed this position for my career….for getting out of financial debt (student loans). For my family to send money home. And honestly, to grow up. To spread my wings, be uncomfortable and figure stuff out. And EPIK has already started all of that. Granted, I’ve had it fairly easy compared to others that have come here. I have a fantastic apartment. I teach at 1 school that is very close to my apt. My co teachers are nice, good at speaking english, and have really taken care of me.


I am so grateful for how its been to me. And to think of it being taken away…makes me so sad. I skipped Holi Hai this weekend. She didn’t want me to. But I was raised to treat others like how I would want to be treated. I know shes got so much going through her head. I can’t imagine what she feels. And I’m so sad to have a friend, someone I was going to travel with…someone I shop with..someone I see almost every day that is going to be gone. I wanted to make sure she ate…that she could get what she needed done. Because I would need someone for me to do that.


And I just wish her the best. I’m going to really miss her. And I hope her mother is going to be okay, and honestly even more than that I hope shes going to be okay. To a better tomorrow.