New classes

So I’ve been in Korea, teaching for a month now. It’s been pretty great! Don’t get me wrong, theres up and downs of course with any major move. But I’ve had a lot of support both here and back home. I joke a tad, that I won the lottery here, and it’s very true honestly. I have a school I can walk to from my apartment. I have amazing co-teachers and faculty that I work with that make me feel welcome and assist me when I need it. I have friends and family back home that have supported me coming here and doing this. I have a nice apartment, I feel safe and the view is great.

Recently there’s been a few issues with the bank (all resolved, and the employee/junior that helps me has been fantastic) and bill issues (working on those. I was going to pay but apparently some were never paid and the school is making sure I don’t get charged for that. Thank you!) that are also getting fixed. I really can’t complain at all!

I get asked a lot, especially by students if I like the school. I really do! I love the students, I love the faculty, I enjoy it. Sure it’s a little cold, but that’s why we wear jackets. And come summer, I’ll be missing the cold. I get asked if I like Korea. I have had 0 problems were just asking for help or trying couldn’t fix it. Issue at the store? Ask and they help. Want to eat healthy? Well either find a place or learn to cook. Issues with a phone requiring Korean and a number? Ask! I am so grateful for the people here, and again especially my coteachers it’s crazy. Communication is a big thing here, especially while you try to settle in. Of course, it’s also about learning. I am doing my best to learn at least 1 korean word, letter, or phrase a day. I am working hard to learn how to do things (whether its trash, banking or other. ).

Things can be hard, especially when you aren’t used to them. As I’ve mentioned before and likely will again Banking and Trash is a lot different than back home. And in a lot of ways, more difficult. That doesn’t make them wrong! I’m not mad theyre that way. It just takes a bit of a curve. I’m lucky that I feel like I mostly have trash down and my online banking is all set up now.

So yes, the support is crazy helpful. I also have a handful of really awesome other EPIK teachers. J is back and that’s huge. She’s a major travel buddy. I need to hang out more with K (I feel bad that I haven’t. Anytime I get invited I’m busy or way lazy xD) And C as well though I’ve seen her recently.

Anyway, I’m currently teaching 3rd grade and 5th grade. Some of the 3rds have figured out where I live (uh oh! nah it’s fine). And all the kids really seem obsessed with Jeffery xD So cute! I also start my after school reading/book club on Friday with 17 second graders. Talk about cute!  Anyway. Ill upload the video and hope you all enjoy!