What is class like?


Above is my 3rd graders practicing a script with characters from Pinnochio. A usual class, any grade, starts with wake up questions “How are you feeling? What is the date? How is the weather outside?” The students answer then go into review for what we’ve learned that chapter including key phrases and vocabulary. The students will usually drill or have a review game.

Following that is new material. We use the book for the most part on different things to do from stories to talking to writing. After the work with new material from the book there is usually one or two games. In the picture above the ‘game’ was getting to present their script to the class. The students really enjoy acting and have fun. My 5th graders this week got to play reading race, where they have to read sentences fast but accurately. They really enjoyed it and wanted to play against me! (I also found out I am very bad at Rock paper scissors these days!)


Ive been working on class for next week and the lesson is packed! Lots of talking practice and reading, and even speaking! We’ll be doing a diction game (one of my favorite games). Over all most of the classes are fun and the students try their best. Sometimes they get off track but thats ok! Theyre kids and honestly SHOULD get off track, especially in countries like Korea where they study so much. I really hope to make the classes as much fun as possible.


Anyway, just a quick run down of classes here =) Im hoping to get a video later this week of walking down the hallways!