It’s spring time and the start of festivals

Yup! Spring time in South Korea is a sign that festivals are coming! Last weekend a few of us went to Gwangali beach for the Fishermans festival. Busan is a town that started on the coast. Fishing is and was the lively hood of the town. Now that Busan is the second largest city in South Korea it is more of a port town, but still it celebrates it’s heritage and start. We arrived later in the day about 3ish. Most of the morning events were over and that was fine. We still watched live fish catching with hands (Don’t worry they were safe and gentle). We also watched the huge parade. That took an hour to watch, but well worth it to see all the costumes! We got some amazing chicken tenders and fries at HQ a nice expat bar and good place for American food. Finished the day off by watching some dance groups! They separated the groups by country/culture. So we saw American (Owl City when can we do this again), Indian, Peurto Rican, Island Nation (Wasn’t Hawaii but was similiar). We also saw a kids group to a korean song (SO CUTE), and then a traditional fan dance. We also watched a Taekwondo group do a ‘dance’ to their forms and that was neat.


There was kite flying, trying on traditional clothes and officer uniforms, food, drinks, and fun. There were shows for long net uses and and one on torch fishing. Being on the beach, theres always sand and dipping your feet and having fun. Over all a really good way to spend a number of hours on a Saturday.

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  1. It looks awesome! Sounds like a great time 🙂

    FYI, might wanna check your blog, the background makes text impossible to read >.>

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